Models Wearing Turn Of the Century Dresses by House of Worth

Charles Frederick Worth (1826-1895) is widely considered the Father of Haute Couture. He dominated Parisian fashion in the latter half of the nineteenth century.

He completely revolutionised the business of dressmaking. He was the first of the couturiers, dressmakers considered artists rather than mere artisans.

Much of his work is associated with the movement to redefine the female fashionable shape, removing excessive ruffles and frills and using rich fabrics in simple but flattering outlines. He is also credited as the first designer to put labels onto the clothing he manufactured.

Evening Dress, House of Worth ca. 1890

House of Worth afternoon jacket 1895

Afternoon jacket House of Worth

Evening dress

Evening dress, House of Worth 1902

Evening coat

Evening coat, House of Worth, 1902

Tea gown

Silk tea gown, House of Worth, 1900-1901

1888, House of Worth

Draping of blouses in Worth, Paris 1907.

An elegant woman at Worth’s studio in 1900

8 responses to “Models Wearing Turn Of the Century Dresses by House of Worth

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  3. A lot of these pictures if not most appear to have been taken in the 1960s or 1980s; do your dated captions refer to the year the dresses were made?

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