Anne Gunning – 1950s Top Fashion Model

Anne Gunning (1929-1990) started modeling in Ireland in 1953. First photographed by photographer Milton Greene, she went on to be photographed by the greatest photographers of the day. She gained global recognition after being featured on the cover of Life magazine in 1953.

Gunning limited herself to photographic modelling, despite requests from designers like Coco Chanel to be a part of their stage shows. She did only one fashion show – for Sybil Connolly – as a favour. She was afraid of falling down on the stage, and remarked:

“that sea of faces glaring at me was too daunting.”

She worked in Paris, New York and London. She and fellow model Barbara Mullen even accompanied Norrman Parkinson to India, on an assignment for Vogue.


ann gunning

Anne Gunning for Cartier Jewellery (1952)


Ann Gunning, Paris Collections, for Vogue (1952)


Anne Gunning in dress by Christian Dior for Vogue UK.

Photo by Norman Parkinson (1952)


Anne Gunning in crinolines, Ireland.

Photo by Milton Greene (1953)


Anne Gunning


Anne Gunning in front of Nandi, the Sacred Bull, on Chamundi Hill above Mysore City.

Skirt and blouse by Christian Dior, India, Vogue.

Photo by Norman Parkinson (1956)

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