A Collection of Photos featuring Actress and Socialite Lillie Langtry (1853 – 1929)

Lillie Langtry (1853 – 1929), usually spelled Lily Langtry in the United States, born Emilie Charlotte Le Breton, was initially celebrated as a young woman for her beauty and charm, and later established a reputation as an actress and producer. In May 1877, Lady Sebright invited her to “an evening at home”, attended by some of the famous artists of the day. Her looks—together with her ability to enchant those in her company—attracted interest, comments, and invitations from artists and society hostesses.

By 1881, she had become an actress and starred in many plays, including She Stoops to Conquer, The Lady of Lyons, and As You Like It, eventually running her own stage production company. In later life she performed “dramatic sketches” in vaudeville. She was also known for her relationships with noblemen, including the Prince of Wales, the Earl of Shrewsbury, and Prince Louis of Battenberg. She was the subject of widespread public and media interest.


Lillie Langtry photographed by William Downey August, 1885 via


Lillie Langtree via

Lillie Langtry, famous English actress, 1884

 Lillie Langtry, 1884 via


Lillie Langtry in matching turban and dress, 1882 via



Lillie Langtry, 1881 via

One response to “A Collection of Photos featuring Actress and Socialite Lillie Langtry (1853 – 1929)

  1. She’s also the namesake of a dusty border town in Texas. Judge Roy Bean (oh, was he ever something…) was enamored with her. She claims she visited the tiny town at some point. I don’t know if I believe her! It’s really out of the way–even with today’s modern travel.

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