A Collection of Vintage Photos By One of Swedens Greatest Photographers Georg Oddner

Georg Mirskij Oddner (1923 – 2007) was one of Swedens greatest photographers from the 20th century.

Oddner was a jazz musician and studying advertising in the 1940s when he first came into contact with photography through John Melin, art director at Svenska Telegrambyrån in Malmö, the largest advertising agency in Scandinavia. From there, Oddner began working a variety of advertising jobs, including industry, architecture, and clothing, as well as for SAS.

In the mid-1950s Oddner traveled to California, South America, the Soviet Union, and the far east. During these travels he was able to pursue photography for his own purposes. He predominantly used Hasselblad and Leica equipment.

His favorite photographers included Henri Cartier-Bresson and Richard Avedon.


Anita Ekberg by Georg Oddner, 1951 via


Georg Oddner Paris, 1952 via


Georg Oddner via


Georg Oddner via


Georg Oddner via

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