Annemarie Heinrich – German/Argentine photographer

Annemarie Heinrich (1912 – 2005) was a German-born, naturalized Argentine photographer. Heinrich is considered one of Argentina’s most important photographers. She specialized in portraits and nudity.

Heinrich was born in Darmstadt and moved to Larroque, Entre Ríos with her family in 1926, fleeing from the First World War. In 1930 she opened her first studio in Buenos Aires.

Two years later she moved to a larger studio, and began photographing actors from the Teatro Colón. Her photos were also the cover of magazines such as El HogarSintoníaAlta SociedadRadiolandia and Antena for forty years. She is known for having photographed various celebrities of Argentine cinema, such as Tita Merello, Carmen Miranda, Zully Moreno and Mirtha Legrand; as well as other cultural personalities like Jorge Luis Borges, Pablo Neruda and Eva Perón.


By Annemarie Heinrich


By Annemarie Heinrich


By Annemarie Heinrich


By Annemarie Heinrich


By Annemarie Heinrich


By Annemarie Heinrich


By Annemarie Heinrich


By Annemarie Heinrich

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