A Collection of Vintage Portraits by Karen Radkai

Information about Karen Radkai is very sparse. She was a staff photographer for Vogue magazine during the 50s and 60s and was married to a fellow photographer Poul Radkai.


Portrait of Monica Vitti by Karen Radkai, 1968 via


Karen Radkai, Portrait of Antonella Agnelli, Vogue, June 1966 via


Allegra Caracciolo di Castagneto Photographed by Karen Radkai, Vogue, September 1, 1963 via


Model wearing a hat by Gailtzine, 1963. Photo by Karen Radkai via


Karen Radkai, Françoise Dorléac, Paris 1964 via


Photo by Karen Radkai, 1975 via


April 15, 1962 by Karen Radkai via

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