Theda Bara in Romeo & Juliet (1916)


Portrait of Theda Bara in Romeo & Juliet directed by J.Gordon Edwards, 1916 via


Theda Bara in Romeo & Juliet directed by J.Gordon Edwards, 1916 via


Lady Hazel Lavery by Emil Otto Hoppé (1916)

Hazel, Lady Lavery (1880–1935) was a painter and the second wife of the celebrated portrait artist Sir John Lavery. Born in Chicago, Hazel Martyn was the daughter of Edward Jenner Martyn, a wealthy industrialist of Irish descent. A contemporary account refers to young Hazel Martyn as “The Most Beautiful Girl in the Midwest”.

In 1909 she and Lavery married. Subsequently, she became Lavery’s most frequent sitter. She sat for more than 400 portraits by Sir John. Many were similarly named, leading an expert to remark that “Hazel in…” is virtually a Lavery trademark.

Lady Hazel Lavery, United States, 1916

Emil Otto Hoppé, Lady Hazel Lavery, United States, 1916 via


Emil Otto Hoppé, Lady Hazel Lavery, 1916 via