A Collection of Photos Featuring Edwardian Beauty Lily Elsie

Lily Elsie (1886 – 1962) was a popular English actress and singer during the Edwardian era, when public entertainment flourished. The nine years during Edward´s reign were to be the height of Lily Elsie’s success on the stage.  Beginning as a child star in the 1890s, Elsie built her reputation in several successful musical comedies before her great success in The Merry Widow in 1907, which the King saw four times. Afterwards, she starred in several more successful operettas and musicals.

Admired for her beauty and charm on stage, Elsie became one of the most frequently photographed beauties of the Edwardian era.

The Chicago Examiner wrote on 1st May 1910:

She is famous above all for two things –
for having been photographed more frequently than any actress ever on a London stage, and for having had more proposals of marriage.  It is said that she has been photographed at least once every week day in the year.  Even then the insatiable demands of the photographic firms were not satisfied.  They could not obtain enough of her photographs to supply the enormous demand.

Lily Elsie

Lily Elsie

Lily Elsie


Lily Elsie, Postcard, postmarked Birmingham, September, 1909

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Lily Elsie

A Collection of Vintage Photos Featuring Stage Beauty Maude Fealy

Actress Maude Fealy (born Maude Hawk) appeared in many silent and talking pictures. During the early twentieth century she was one of the leading ladies of the American stage. Throughout her career, Fealy taught acting in many cities where she lived and over the years she was drama coach to many noted personalities including Douglas Fairbanks Sr.

Her youthful beauty made Fealy a popular subject for postcards – in 1916, a Los Angeles Times reporter covering a party hosted by Maude noted that the actress, then in her mid-thirties, looked closer to 18, rather than her current age.


Maud Fealy wearing a hat via

Maud in costume via

Maud Fealy via

Maud Fealy via

Maude Fealy on Screen

 In 1913 she signed a three-year contract with the Thanhouser film studio, appearing in such films as Moths and The Legend of Provence.  In 1916 she signed with Jesse Lasky Picture Co., and stayed with them for a year. In the post-silent era, she would appear in nearly every Cecil B. DeMille movie.