Amazing French Fashion Photography by Georges Dambier

Georges Dambier was born in 1925 and was one of the first fashion photographers to take models out of the studio and into the streets. While he was still building and perfecting his craft, Dambier was hired by Helene Lazareff, director of ELLE, the fashion magazine, who encouraged him and gave him his first assignment as a fashion photographer.

During his career Dambier photographed amongst others: Rita Hayworth, Gene Tierney, Errol Flynn, Jeanne Moreau, Jean Cocteau, ou Colette, mais aussi Bettina, Capucine and Suzy Parker.

Georges Dambier did not conform to the standard technique of taking fashion pictures, with models standing emotionless and seemingly indifferent to the camera. Instead, he showed models smiling, laughing and often in action. His models were surrounded by local people in a market place in Marrakech, or in a village in Corsica, or – and above all – in his beloved Paris. 

Capucine for ELLE, Boulevard de la Madeleine, Paris, Georges Dambier, 1952 via

Suzy Parker by Georges Dambier via

Suzy Parker Shop Lanvin, Elle, Georges Dambier, 1952 via

1957 via

Sophie Litvak and little dog, Elle, 1952 via

Edie Sedgwick by Fred Eberstadt for Life (1965)


Edie Sedgwick by Fred Eberstadt for Life, 1965 via


Edie Sedgwick by Fred Eberstadt for Life, 1965 via

Edie Sedgwick, 1965.A Warhol film star/ **I.V.

Edie Sedgwick by Fred Eberstadt for Life, 1965 via


Edie Sedgwick by Fred Eberstadt for Life, 1965 via

Vintage Photos Featuring The First Miss America

Gorman was a junior at Western High School in Washington, D.C. when her photo was entered into a popularity contest at the Washington Herald. She was chosen as “Miss District of Columbia” in 1921 at age 16 on account of her athletic ability, past accomplishments, and outgoing personality.

As a result of that victory, she was invited to join the Second Annual Atlantic City Pageant held on September 8, 1921, as an honored guest. There she was invited to join a new event: the “Inter-City Beauty” Contest. She won the titles “Inter-City Beauty, Amateur” and “The Most Beautiful Bathing Girl in America” after competing in the Bather’s Revue. She won the grand prize, the Golden Mermaid trophy.

She was expected to defend her positions the next year, but someone else had attained the title of “Miss Washington, D.C.,” so she was instead crowned as “Miss America.” She is the only Miss America to receive her crown at the end of the year.


1921. Inter-City Beauties Ethel Charles, Nellie Orr and Margaret Gorman at Union Station in Washington, D.C. National Photo Company glass negative via


1921. Miss America was held for the first time to attract tourists to Atlantic City. Margaret Gorman, third on the left via

1921. Portrait of Margaret Gorman standing via


Margaret Gorman in Birmingham car; whose reptilian body has an alligator finish, 1921. National Photo Company glass negative via


Margaret Gorman with Long Goodie, 1925. National Photo Company Collection glass negative, Library of Congress via

Taylor And Poodle by Stanley Sherman (1957)


‘Taylor And Poodle’ by Stanley Sherman. American actress Elizabeth Taylor sips a drink and smokes a cigarette during a stop for interviews at Jersey airport en route to Nice. April 23, 1957 via