Irene Rich in My Official Wife (1926)

My Official Wife is a glittering drama of Imperial Russia in the days before the Revolution and the reckless life of the aristocracy in the days of the Czar, featuring gorgeous gowns, beautiful women and spectacular settings. American actress Irene Rich (1891 – 1988) starres as Hélène, Countess Orloff

The film is based on a 1891 novel by Richard Henry Savage, that was highly popular in its day.

Rich, Irene (My Official Wife)_01

Irene Rich in My Official Wife, 1926 via

Bebe Daniels as ‘Zaida’ “In She’s a Sheik” (1927)

She’s a Sheik is a 1927 silent film comedy adventure produced and distributed by Paramount Pictures. The film is possibly lost.

Bebe Daniels stars as Zaida the daughter of a desert chief who kidnaps a member of the French Foreign Legion in the hopes of wooing him.

The comedy pokes fun at the Valentino ‘sheik’ films with the exception that a woman, played by Bebe Daniels, is the protagonist.


 Bebe Daniels as ‘Zaida’, 1927

Bebe Daniels for SHE'S A SHEIK (Clarence G. Badger, 1927)

 Bebe Daniels as ‘Zaida’, 1927


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