Vintage Photos of Bouffant Hairdos

A bouffant is characterized by hair raised high on the head and usually covering the ears or hanging down on the sides.

The modern bouffant was noted by Life in the summer of 1956 as being “already a common sight in fashion magazines.”

The style became popular at the beginning of the 1960s when First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy was often photographed with her hair in a bouffant, and her style was widely imitated. Generally speaking, by the mid-1960s many well-dressed women and girls were wearing some form of bouffant hairdo, which in one variation or another remained the fashionable norm until the end of the decade.


Priscilla Presley with bouffant hair via

Entertainer Dolly Parton in a 1968 publicity photo for Monument Records and Moeller Talent.

Entertainer Dolly Parton in a 1968 publicity photo for Monument Records and Moeller Talent via


Brigitte Bardot with bouffant hair via


Hayley Mills with bouffant hair, 1967 via


Joan Collins with bouffant hair via


Shortly before Christmas 1966, Elvis had proposed to Priscilla. They got married on May 1, 1967, at the Aladdin Hotel in Las Vegas.

The wedding featured very few guests and was over in only eight minutes.

It was followed by a quick press conference and a $10,000 breakfast reception, attended by friends, family, and business associates from MGM, RCA, and the William Morris Agency.

Following the reception, Elvis and Priscilla boarded a private jet and enjoyed a short honeymoon in Palm Springs.

Elvis And Priscilla Presley Getting Married

 Elvis and Priscilla via

elvis wedding 080508

Elvis and Priscilla via


Elvis and Priscilla via


Elvis and Priscilla via

elvis-pricilla-presley-wedding-day-retro-bride-vintage-dress (1)

Elvis and Priscilla via