European Cities by Martin Hürlimann

Martin Hürlimann (1897 in Zürich – 1984) was a Swiss publisher, better known in the English speaking world as a photographer. Following successful completion, at Frauenfeld, of his school career, Hürlimann went on to study History, German literature and Philosophy at Zürich, Leipzig and Berlin universities.

In 1929 Hürlimann founded the newspaper “Atlantis”, based in Berlin and specialising in international travel and related themes. In 1930 he founded “Atlantis Verlag”, a publishing house, taking over from Ernest Wasmuth publication of the “Orbis Terrarum” series of books.

His photographic work was published in a number of books. Western European cities were a common theme, but he also photographed Ceylon and Southeast Asia.


Photogravure of the Zwinger palace of Dresden, Germany (Deutschland). The palace is noted for its Baroque architecture. The building was completed in 1728, and served as a library and exhibition gallery. Photograph by Martin Hürlimann, 1934 via


Photogravure of the old town house in Potsdam, Germany (Deutschland). It was constructed by Jan Bouman in 1755. A sculpture of Atlas holding the world sits on top of the building. Photograph by Martin Hürlimann, 1934 via


Photogravure of the west facade of the medieval Lichfield Cathedral in Lichfield, England. Photograph by Martin Hürlimann, 1935 via


The pavilion in the garden of the Abbey of Echternach in Luxembourg. Photograph by Martin Hürlimann and Horst Hanck-Jentsch, 1932 via


Photogravure of St. Mark’s Square (Piazza San Marco) with the Doge’s Palace in Venice, Italy. Photograph by Martin Hürlimann, 1935 via


The Cathedral of Saint Mary of Bayonne or the Cathedral of Our Lady of Bayonne commonly known as Bayonne Cathedral, France. Photograph by Martin Hürlimann, 1927 via

A Collection of Photos Feat. Venice by Francesco Bonaldi & Tarreghetta (1855)


Francesco Bonaldi & Tarreghetta Saint Mark’s Square, Venice, Italy, 1855 via


Francesco Bonaldi & Tarreghetta Grand Canal (with Boats), Venice, Italy, 1855 via


Francesco Bonaldi & Tarreghetta Rialto Bridge in Venice, Italy, 1855 via


Tarreghetta Grand Canal, View Towards Giudecca, Venice, Italy, 1855 via


Francesco Bonaldi & Tarreghetta Pesaro Palace, Venice, Italy, 1855 via


Francesco Bonaldi & Tarreghetta View from the Grand Canal of the Doges Palace, Venice, Italy, 1855 via


Francesco Bonaldi & Tarreghetta Gallerie dell’Accademia di Belle Arti of Venice, Italy, 1855 via

Claudia Cardinale in Venice (1967)


Claudia Cardinale enjoying a boat ride in Venice, 1967. She was first discovered at the Venice Film Festival in 1957, during a trip that she had won from a beauty contest in which she was crowned “The Most Beautiful Italian Girl in Tunisia.” © Bettmann/CORBIS via

Vintage Photos of Venice by Edwin Smith (1960s)


Edwin Smith, Basilica of San Marco, Venice, 1961 via


Edwin Smith, Market from the Rialto Bridge, Venice, 1961 via


Edwin Smith, Santa Maria Della Salute and the Dogana di Mare seen from the Flooded Molo during ‘Acqua Alta’, Venice, 1961 via


Edwin Smith, Piazza San Marco, Venice, 1961 via


Edwin Smith, The Lagoon, Venice, 1961 via

Paul Newman on a Watertaxi (1963)


American actor and Hollywood star and icon – Paul Newman, looking handsome and beautiful as ever and ultra cool, wearing a tuxedo and a bow tie, during a trip on a water taxi, a sailor cap on the dashboard, Venice 1963 via

Helmut Newton “Model in Venice” (1966)


Model in Venice’ is taken in a rare location for Newton: Venice. While its romanticism was a source of great inspiration for Newton, he only shot in the city on a handful of occasions, here for Queen Magazine in 1966 with clothes by Femme 90- an avant-garde designer at the time. Venice appealed to Newton for its water and elegance of the vaporetto. Here, the model’s clothing sprays in the wind, leaving her enigmatically anonymous via