Schiaparelli’s Perfume, Salut, by Ilse Bing (1934)

ilse bing - s

Study for the lily-scented perfume ‘Salut de Schiaparelli’ by Ilse Bing, 1934 via


Advertising shot for the lily-scented perfume ‘Salut de Schiaparelli’ by Ilse Bing, 1934 via

A Collection of Vintage Perfume Ads

Luce's eau-de-cologne

Luce’s Eau de Cologne via


black and white print ad for Linden Bloom Perfume, a product by Foote and Jenks in Jackson, Michigan, 1893 via

Vintage French Rose Perfume Label Ad Digital by TanglesGraphics, $1.00

Giraud Fils, Eau de rose via

1901 Vintage Ad Delettrez Perfume Toilet Soap Paris - ORIGINAL ADVERTISING

Delettrez, Perfumes and Toilet Soaps via


Ad Murray & Lanman’s Florida Water Perfume Cologne Fairies Art Nouveau YSN2, 1900 via


Ad Ed Pinaud Perfume Foscarina Unique Glass Bottle Fragrance Scents MX7, 1902 via

Vintage Lundborg’s Perfume Ads (1895)

Lundborg’s Perfumery was founded in 1850 by a Swedish immigrant, John Marlie Lundborg who came to the United States and settled in Hudson, New Jersey. He left Sweden early in life and was a reported to be a fine botanist and chemist, who had a great love for flowers, and “possessed a peculiar gift duplicating their perfume”. Concocting perfume was not only a hobby, but proved to be lucrative and was turned into a business.

He sold an interest in his business to Richard D. Young in 1872 who purchased the recipes, trademarks, and good will from their inventor. By 1873, the company was renamed Young, Ladd & Coffin (source)


 Ad Vio-Violet Lundborg Perfume Ladd & Coffin NYC, 1895 via


Ad Lundborgs Perfume Ladd & Coffin 24 Barclay St, 1895 via

Vintage Perfume Ads (1920s)

Mystikum perfume ad photo - c1925

Perfum ad Mystikum (1925)



Vintage perfume ad from Elizabeth Arden´s early fragrance co-label, Babani (1923)



Perfume Ad My Sin by Lanvin  (1920s)



 Perfume ad Mon Parfum from Bourjois (ca. 1924)


Masque Rouge (Marcel Guerlain / Hughes Guerlain), 1925 via