Taylor And Poodle by Stanley Sherman (1957)


‘Taylor And Poodle’ by Stanley Sherman. American actress Elizabeth Taylor sips a drink and smokes a cigarette during a stop for interviews at Jersey airport en route to Nice. April 23, 1957 via

Portraits by Photographer Inge Morath

Ingeborg Hermine “Inge” Morath (1923 – 2002) was an Austrian-born photographer. In 1953, she joined the Magnum Photos Agency, founded by top photographers in Paris, and became a full photographer with them in 1955. Along with Eve Arnold, she was among the first women members.  Magnum remains to this day a predominantly male organization.

Morath’s work was motivated by a fundamental humanism, shaped as much by her experience of war as by its lingering shadow over post-war Europe. In Morath’s mature work, she documents the endurance of the human spirit under situations of extreme duress, as well as its manifestations of ecstasy and joy.

In 1955, she published her first collection of photographs, a total of 30 monographs during her lifetime. Morath was also the third and last wife of playwright Arthur Miller; their daughter is screenwriter/director Rebecca Miller.


Self-Portrait by Inge Morath, Jerusalem, 1958 via


Inge Morath, Portrait of Anais Nin, 1959 © Inge Morath © The Inge Morath Foundation via


Inge Morath, Gloria Vanderbilt New York, 1956 ©  Fotosammlung WestLicht, Wien via


Jayne Mansfield in bed in Beverly Hills, Inge Morath 1959 via


Audrey Hepburn during the production of The Unforgiven, Durango, Mexico by Inge Morath 1959 via


Marilyn Monroe on the set of the Misfits by Inge Morath, 1960s via

A Collection of Photos featuring Women Wearing Masks


Lee Radziwill at the plaza hotel at Truman Capote´s black and white ball, New York, 1966 via


Frank Sinatra and Mia Farrow at Truman Capote´s black and white ball via


Edwige Feuillère via


Baroness Jean de L’espee attending masked ball, Paris, July 1946, photographed by David E. Scherman for LIFE Magazine via


 Portrait by Brassai, Lilliput, March 1947 via


The Merry Widow by Lillian Basman via


Audrey Hepburn in How to Steel a mIllion via


 A young Twiggy wearing a mask and peeking through the curtains of the Paris shop Torrente, Vogue 1967 via